Sunday 15 July 2012

Modern Horoscope

Wondering why your friend behaved in such a given manner? Wondering how to attract your crush? This app will help you out. The app points out the true nature of a person, how to attract them, what are their erogenous zone , their likes and dislikes and compatibility level with other people around based on the zodiac signs. All you need to know is your friend's birth-date or sign and based on that, get to know about your friend personality. Simple as that.


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Thursday 12 July 2012


Angry Fruits Attack

Fruits are healthy for us and nutritious too but what if they start attacking with seeds on you with a mission to destroy the earth. Well, it's them vs us 'human'. We have to save our human race. The aliens have acquired a large amount  of fruits from us,have  feed them some chemicals and now they are on mission to destroy us. Aliens have changed those fruits DNA and we can't stop them except than to rip them off. We had to kill them even before they touch the ground otherwise they will contaminate other foods too. We have break them apart in the sky itself. What say, Are You ready to rage them? Beware, they will not sit idle. They will be coming in force and we will be too few and they have seeds "Their weapon" and we have our spaceships. Let the Battle begin.

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